MESC Labs Inc.
for Research and Development

Pursuing rigorous research, developing scientific software, and providing consultancy need Mathematics, Engineering, and Scientific Computing (MESC) Labs.

Our Industries & Products

Computer Aided Detection (CAD)
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Visualization Aided Anomaly Detection (VAAD)
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Data Visualization Platform (DVP)
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Our Services

Innovating new effective solutions to real-life problems


Conducting extensive scientific research in the interdisciplinary area of mathematics, engineering and scientific computing with the aim of generating new methodologies and algorithms.

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Innovating new effective solutions to real-life problems that put our research results into work, while conforming to the highest levels of performance, utility, and security.

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Providing our skills and expertise to individuals and institutions to help them reach their desired level of excellence. Our activities include expert opinion, analysis and testing services, and overall process development.

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Fields and scope that we are interested with
Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition (or machine learning) is the field that discovers secrets and relationships in data. It has various applications in our daily life. One of its known medical applications is Computer Aided Detection (CAD).

Data Analysis

This includes data exploration, statistical modeling, anomaly detection, among others. MESC Labs has developed its new patented system for visualization aided anomaly detection (VAAD).

Image Processing

Image Processing is the field that enhances, treats, analyzes, and produces images based on scientific and mathematical manipulations. MESC Labs has made notable improvements with image processing in its CAD.

Data Visualization

Visualizing data for exploration is a mandatory step prior to any analysis. One of our early systems is the data visualization platform (DVP) that interacts bidirectionally with Matalb, which is a unique feature.

MESC Academy

Linking Academia With Industry

MESC Academy, a new subsidiary of MESC Labs., aims at bridging the gap between academia and industry by supporting students to build rigorous scientific foundations. Our first initiative in this regard is launching

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