Data Visualization Platform (DVP) acts as a toolbox to MATLAB .
Actions on DVP are reflected inside MATLAB and vice versa .
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Universal Input

DVP supports popular data formats including CSV, TSV and MATLAB vars. With planned upgrade to support grabbing data from online sources like Google drive, Social Media analytics, Stock markets...etc.


We provide various sets of figures and data visualization methodologies that satisfy different user needs and guarantee clarity and elegance


Selection groups are created using a mapping function to the data source. Allowing annotations to the figure and its objects. And a simple tool to export to Matlab.

fully customizable

DVP Creations

Explore DVP capabilities in action and create your own masterpiece!

The video provides an insight into the capabilities of DVP, through a quick App Walkthrough which demonstrates the vast advantages of DVP compared to any other Data Visualization Platform. DVP is the best Choice!

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The Alpha version of DVP is now available for Windows