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WEBCAD: Our Next Step!

WEBCAD will be the first online Computer Aided Detection (CAD) system for detecting abnormalities (masses, micro-calcifications, lesions, cancer, etc.) from digital mammograms. Available to everyone, everywhere, anytime!
We have been involved in the research of breast cancer detection for long years and successfully developed LIBCAD, which is available on physical machines in hospitals as other conventional CADs. It is time now to bring CAD to the cloud as a web service "affordable" at low subscription fees and "available" to everyone everywhere!

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What makes WEBCAD important


WEBCAD can be accessed anywhere, anytime through web browser, on a desktop machine, a laptop, or even a mobile.


Pay as you go with monthly subscription. You do not have to pay hundreds of thousands to purchase a license.


As opposed to other CADs, WEBCAD is compatible with mammograms from any digital mammography.


WEBCAD does not retrieve, extract, or transmit the information of the patient. ONLY the mammogram pixels are transmitted over the network.


WEBCAD provides an on-premises solution that can be deployed on your own servers and local resources for the convenience of large-scale use of hospitals and labs.

How can you help

Our goal is very simple, an online CAD that is accessible and affordable to everyone, everywhere. We have came to the conclusion that the best way to keep WEBCAD affordable to everyone is to let everyone be a part of it! That is why we will launch a crowdfunding campaign for bringing WEBCAD to life.
We are in the process of campaign preparation, we hope we will be able to launch the campaign in the near future. Meanwhile, we have a pre-campaign donation page, where you can pitch in, if you feel like it. Remember, every penny counts.

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