Graduation Projects Sponsorship 2017


Scientific research is the main drive for progress and achievement of the Renaissance. Therefore, it has not only became of great importance to provide scientific resources and materials to students and researchers, but it also became a necessity for achieving any notable scientific progress. And while a lot of students and researchers rely on themselves in searching and acquiring scientific materials and methods, it is important to have an organized mechanism to facilitate availability of those resources and science for students and researchers alike.

We, at MESC Labs, believe that change and progress is made possible by innovative youth in different fields, whenever they are given the opportunity to pursue their passion for science and its various applications. This is where “MESC Graduation Projects Sponsorship Program” comes in.

It is a free program established on a competitive basis to select ambitious graduation projects in the fields of science, technology and engineering to provide means of sponsoring the execution and development of these projects. These means include providing academic assistance, office space for working on the project, assistance in attending scientific conferences and help with acquiring funds to execute the project. On top of that, selected teams will be provided with needed trainings and workshops to develop Teams’ abilities in presenting and marketing their project.

Eligibility Requirements:

1- All Team members must be currently enrolled in Bachelor’s Degree Program or its equivalent in an Egyptian University.
2- The presented project must be registered as a graduation project in an Egyptian University.
3- The project must be related to the fields of Science, Technology and Engineering.

Application Deadline:

- Tuesday, January 10, 2017



MESCLabs does not pledge to complete any graduation project nor does it interfere with creating/modifying the project plan; this is the responsibility of the students and their supervisor. We try to provide help, support, and advise, subject to our changing capacity and availability of resources. This program does not constitute - under any circumstances - a legal liability on MESCLabs to provide any sort of services or products to program applicants.*
Therefore, it is important that all applicants do not rely fundamentally on what the program may offere in the implementation of their project.

* MESCLabs reserves the right to make adjustments to the forms of support provided to graduation projects without prior warning or notice of any of the applicants, based on what the program management sees fit.