President's Vison

Linking Academia and Industry is Integral Now More than Ever!

Linking academia with industry is an integral matter in an ever-evolving world, and when it comes to Technology it is even more vital for both: developing industry and solving national problems on one hand, and prospering research and academic capabilities of institutions and individuals on the other hand.

This linking brings theory and science into industry and applications, to build the know-how science for solving the real-life problems. Unfortunately, this link is either not mature or even not established in a number of entities, leaving a gap between problems in industry and their solutions at academia.

This is what MESC is really about.

Not Just Consultancy, We Launch Our Own Research Projects

We founded MESC, with the main objective of constituting rigorous research in an interdisciplinary area of science where Mathematics, Engineering, and Scientific Computing intersect; and hence the acronym MESC. At this area of intersection lies the solution of many practical problems.

Many fields of science in this area lay, e.g., data analysis, data visualization, pattern recognition, image processing, signal analysis, high performance computing, among many others.

And many practical and industrial problems arise, as well, waiting for solutions from that area, e.g., Computer Aided Detection (CAD) for medical images, decision support and forecasting, big data analysis, among many others.

To fulfill our objective, we launch our own research projects that provide solutions to particular industrial problems of importance and interest. In parallel, to serve the community better and to share our experience with others, we provide consultancy to external projects fitting our scope of research and interest.

Investing In the Future

We are looking forward to add more academic support programs including: internships, project sponsorship and logistical assistance to junior rearchers and students. As a part of our renewed commitment towards academic sustainability for youth everywhere.

Let's build a future that we'll all benefit from!

President of MESC